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Chibi Blake x Tory  by KeyaraHedgehog09

Hello This is the first time (very first time) I have ever critique So here goes, I think it's good with effort for a master piece like...

Thank you for the Critique
and don't be shy to do this, just say something honestly, not something mean ^^


Chibi Commission [Doggshort2] by Chiikalicious
My name is Samantha, but people can call me Sam, Sammy...Samson...whichever...but also the name itself Doggshort2 ^^
I am an artist yes, but i can be good with also other things, like painting traditionally, poems, stories playing games and many, many more to come.
My friends that are on here and in me school are very supportive through my art since i first started it, so thank ya so much for this <3 you are really great pals, but i also wanna thank the watchers too for faving me and watching me and spread the love around, i appreciate the help ^^
I am 17 and i'm loving every bit of it, i get self taught alot of times, and that's why i have muscular, Anthro/Sonic style, all in the hands of the professional artist, plus the hairstyles and whatnot <3.

The people that i look up on with art and stuff

:iconbionic-hobo: bionic-hobo- For the muscles and anatomy
:iconann-jey: Ann-Jey- For the Anthro/Sonic style (wouldn't of done it without her, she was just me inspiration <3)
:icondonna-who: Donna-Who- Her hairstyles are just so awesome....i got it from her XD (and she's like the same age as meh XD)
And everyone else was all in the style of legs and arms XD

Now the ones that game me the socializing matter and the confidence <3

:iconbionic-hobo: bionic-hobo
:icondonna-who: Donna-Who
:iconwonder-waffle: Wonder-Waffle
:iconsuetonicsonic: SuetonicSonic
:icondarkspeeds: darkspeeds
:icon7sins7virtues: 7sins7virtues
:iconthephantomoflife333: ThePhantomOfLife333
And alot more that are there <3
So for now, let's listen to a song that I love and of that it comes from Australia ^^

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Accounts ^^

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Main account: :icondoggshort2: Doggshort2
Literature account: :icondoggshort3: Doggshort3
Point Commission, Collab, Art-trade account: :icondoggshort4: Doggshort4

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Stamps that I love the most:
SuetonicSonic Stamp by LinaLeeL Dishonored stamp by xXMoonlightOwlXx Iancorn Stamp by VAL0VE
Sherlock Holmes Stamp by Ragthorn
Stamps that I commissioned:
COM: Maryam [Type2] by Peppermint-Kitten COM: Fadila [Type3] by Peppermint-Kitten COM: Janet [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten COM: Vincent [Type2] by Peppermint-Kitten COM: Uthaniel by Peppermint-Kitten COM: Galahad [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten
Icons that I commissioned and was gifted:

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:bulletred: Team soul (Jeffery, Mak and Uranium)
:bulletwhite: Team Zeus (Uranium, Mak and Alex)
:bulletblack: Team Olympia (Samstar, Maryam and Lovely-rose)
:bulletblue: The Women Warriors (Samstar, Maryam, Lovely-rose, Jessy, Arezoo and Katrina)
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:bulletgreen: The evil 6 (Zac, Steve, David, Chaydeon, Priscilla and Falisha)

If ya want to make a group with me character, ask me!



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7:57 pm
Oct 19, 2014
5:04 pm
Oct 18, 2014
9:48 am
Oct 18, 2014
1:48 am
Oct 16, 2014
12:35 pm


But I had something difficult to do and something good to do, so here I go
The difficult side of god knows when will that happen school fees, school fees
My Uh....$120 one mainly for the school that me, mum and sis are discussing 😅
And my owning for school to pay for my choir...$400 on that...yeah...
So we're stuck in this situation...and it's hard
Also from my school is my HSC, which is also a problem, if I don't get a lot of studying done I'm going to get smacked with maybe a lower percentage of...60%...
Oh but don't worry that's for my English, but if mum sees that, then it's bad (well not exactly, but I would feel guilty for mum if she sees my results) but my Music is fine...I'm nervous with my Prac because it's 70% my HSC....if I at least get 50 out of that 70% I'll be fine, and then add the theory bit (which is 30%) will be I hope be either half or more, then it's Drama...and of course from the audience that I went through and the 2-3 markers that I have...I did a great job in, in Group and Individual Project. I might get a 40-50 out of that 60% mark result, the good points will be in the bag, but there are some points that I didn't do...and might not get the marks for, but the 40% one that is theory...I might stuff up in, so it might be bad 😅
Now this is also where the HSC comes in...if I don't pay my fees AND bring my books back (which is easy) then I won't get my HSC. Simple as that, final.
So I hope our plan is going good, I thought of me putting the whole of my money in my Saver, but mum questioned it, then my mum was thinking of selling the tickets yesterday to get money from it and give it to me, fine but don't know if that's okay to deal it off, then my sister wanted to put some of her money in my bank and I transfer it to my saver but...I don't know if it's right 😪
That's all from my difficult situation

Now the good ones
I'm moving to Canterbury with my mum and my sister (what about your dad Sam?!) and dad will live with his brother at Erskenville, so it's good because if you think of sister's Uni is where the city is, hence Erskenville, good idea for her but bad idea for me, why? My Uni is near Bankstown, exactly Milperra, which means I have to live on campus (and my mum doesn't approve that thought) but also if we stay at our home in Punchbowl, then the same thing happens but with my sister, so my mum made a decision and thought Canterbury is best with housing (stress free it means) but my dad keeps on whining and begging for us to go with him and mum said no as answered, and then he pulled the "We're staying here then" but still she said no, so it's final...we're moving to a place that is equal our chances of getting there on time 😊
Also I got the IPhone 5C blue cover 😙 but bills will have to be paid 😓
And that's about it, hope to later talk to you guys after this

See ya


Good news/Bad news + The Block

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 4:19 AM
Okay, so i went to Open Day at UWS Parramatta Campus, and i went to the Bachelors that i would love to go to, and the ones that i love since yesterday 

My possible choice out of the 3 is:
Bachelor of Music
(it's not the "Going in" bit, it's more of a "Leaving your home" problem ^^;)

The other 2 that are definite are:
Bachelor of Interpreting  and Translation
Bachelor of International Studies

Now this is where i say the news
starting off with the good news
Good news is; Thanks to the units that i will get after i finish my Diploma, i will officially go off to the place where i want to go for part of my studies, which means of my personal business...I'M GOING TO JAPAN THE YEAR AFTER, HELL YEAH!!
And not only that, i will place myself of doing interesting creativity classes, including anime ;u;

Now the bad news; I cannot do any other language other than the language that i will be doing in International Studies...which means Blue-DT, i won't do Indonesian while i'm international

BUT! There's catches, they accept other languages, in fact next year will be an acceptance for Arabic in 2015, other languages will have to take turns, however French is not accepted ^^;
ALSO! While i'm doing my Diploma, i am going to go online in Open University and do Indonesian, until it's 6 months and i finish my diploma, i will be ay-okay with Indonesian ^^
(Can't do Korean however, that Professor that told me all about it said that language is the hardest one out of the languages)

Okay, now that's enough with that one, now it's the block

Some or none of you know about this show called The Block, and today once me and my mum saw it...
The judges have made gob-smacking scores for them and just left it as that
(only on some, the rest went pretty good)
but however, and this was the comedy part, there was a judging poll where the buyers that will be buying those 5 apartments will decide the here's the thing...only one group didn't get the scores they wanted...and their one of the top groups XD
and the one's at the the thumbs up...i was like "LOL, those judges will be trolled, LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!"
So that's why it's funny because the judges, in my case, put the best ones to the bottom in the buyers minds, which that i hated from the judges that they put them down too low, so low that it hurts...but they got trolled big time XD




Anyways, see ya


Have you guys played/watched The Walking Dead S.2

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 3:29 PM

Well i watched it from Jacksepticeye, Cryaotic and PewDiePie.

In the end...all three of them cried...especially me.
I saw Luke died, Kenny died, Rebecca died, and so on
and also Arvo running away with Bonnie and Mike...

It was sad guys...even for me, and i only cry when something does wrong, or funerals...

Out of the three, only one was able to get Jane right off from Clem's was gutsful...i mean...shooting Kenny because of him getting healed, and leaving Jane to go to made it happen...i owe you my respect

But not just him though! Cry and Jack were the same, but kept with Jane all the time, i also respect you, because of that turn

And to any of the people who were on YouTube that left the comment there stating; Oh! Why did you kill Kenny! It's Jane who you had to put up with! I dislike the video 100%! I'm gonna unsubscribe you too!

Well SHUT THE FUCK UP! (pardon my french)
You shouldn't of even watched it anyways, if you don't like it, then play your own, see how satisfying you are while playing the game! One of my classmates played that game, and you know what?! I wish she would make that decision with Jack, Pewds and Cry, because in my books; That ending (or Pewds' ending) should be the one!
They did the right thing anyways.

Now if you'll excuse me...i'm going to pull more tears from my eye socket...


Advertisement of FOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 3:21 AM
Yes, you saw the title...

This is about the amazing food that has been eagerly for me to cook ;u;

And of course, i only watched one food photography deviant
and that's....theresahelmer

Of course i would cook them and enjoy my success, BUT i will need to find the recipes on the internet

BUT here are my top 5 delicious desserts/menus that belong to that lovely deviant!

No. 5

Raspberry/Raspberry Cream Dessert for Two by theresahelmer

I just saw it today, and that's this one reason why i put it to No. 5, because for big points...i love desserts that are creamy C< plus it has that shade of red, and it's a pile of yummy pancakes...or...another sort of pastry ^^;

No. 4

Chocolate Mousse Oreo Cookies Parfait II by theresahelmer
Mousse, Oreos and chocolate...behold a brilliant spoon-full of HEAVEN!! Seriously i wouldn't be that harsh on it considering it's all put together :3

{ This one DID contain the recipes and instruction for how to make them in the description }

No. 3

Homemade Shrimp Rolls with Peanut Sauce II by theresahelmer

Ahhhhhhh my god!! I love shrimps/prawns (prawns is an Aussie name for shrimp) and they are in rolls...WITH PEANUT SAUCE!!! Come on, how can one not look at this lovely delicious meal ;u;

No. 2

Shrimp Dumplings by theresahelmer

Boom Bam Baby! Dumplings had come to town! Once i looked at it, i was like "Ohhhhhhh yeah bra! Time to eat some dumplings" >:3
Seriously it's jam-packed with shrimps too, gotta love my meal if it's these <3

And finally No. 1

French Vanilla Mousse w/ Chocolate Cookies by theresahelmer

It was hard to choose from, but the French Vanilla mousse with chocolate cookies are soooooooo yummy, to be honest, this and other lovely vanillas that came in the market (even white chocolate) are my favorite flavours OuO
Once i see one, you'll never get me out of a shopping/cafe/bakery stalls unless i get a packet of these momas ;u;

Well that's it for me, please watch her as she is continuing to grow as of now, she is also kind, so have a talk with her if you want, she won't bite...she'll cook however <3

Keep on going with these girl and make a living!!!



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please i want donate points by Th3EmOo

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People that owes me.

 photo NewCanvas_zps4d8ac945.png

The people that owes meh!

:iconzombi3-smash3r: ZOMBI3-SMASH3R- Uthaniel and Rose
:icondoodlebugrain: DoodleBugRain- Kitty version of me (Commission)
:icondonna-who:Donna-Who- Prizes for me ^^;
And a PayPal commission of Maryam and Jeffery in Attack on Titan
:iconblue-dt: Blue-DT- Cutie chibi
-2 PayPal sketches
- 1 request
- 1 PayPal Pixel art chibi?
( No rush though )
'No need to rush guys, just to keep on track'

The people that i owe

 photo Thepeoplethatiowe_zpsddd5e5d3.png

The people that i owe


:iconespillam: Espillam- Art-trade full body/full colour free theme of Onix the Dragon (Sketched and got it in computer)
:icondoodlebugrain: DoodleBugRain- An art-trade Anime-theme of Itachi (Naruto) (Sketched and got it in computer)

~.:Point Commission:.~

:iconbaja-black1994: Baja-Black1994- A shaded digital colour of a couple...surprise :D (Sketched and got it in computer)
:iconluner-robotnick95: Luner-Robotnick95- A screenshot of Luner and Amy having an argument (Sketched and got it in computer)
:iconsue--boo: Sue--Boo- A portrait Commission of Sabrina and Zek (Sketched and got it in computer)



~.:Points and Money:.~


Yes 😊
Sat Sep 27, 2014, 9:13 PM
are you anime
Wed Jul 16, 2014, 5:37 PM
And your very welcome ^^
Tue May 6, 2014, 2:01 PM
Really?! That a gob smacking surprise from me ;u; Just think of me while your on exams okay Blue <3
Tue May 6, 2014, 2:01 PM
I just noticed your birthday is during my exams LOL
Mon May 5, 2014, 1:17 AM
Hello! Thank youu so much for the watch
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 3:34 PM
Thu Apr 3, 2014, 3:48 AM
Sat Mar 15, 2014, 4:54 PM
Hi Nicole~!
Sat Mar 8, 2014, 4:49 PM
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 12:18 AM
Ur very welcome ^^
Mon Dec 9, 2013, 2:31 PM
thanks for the 2 fave haha
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 2:23 PM
hey sammy, me and refeda going to library at recess, do you what to come?
Sun Nov 3, 2013, 3:45 PM
Ur very welcome ^^
Thu Oct 17, 2013, 7:37 PM
thanks for the 45 points sammy haha boom
Tue Oct 15, 2013, 4:00 PM
im all good^^
Tue Oct 8, 2013, 6:49 AM
Oh i hope you're alright though
Mon Oct 7, 2013, 8:21 PM
nothing happend gravity just took over lol xD jk
Sat Oct 5, 2013, 2:21 PM
Oh god! What happened?!
Sat Oct 5, 2013, 12:32 AM
sprained mah arm
Fri Sep 13, 2013, 7:04 AM

I really want a Phone, i don't mind if any phone, but i would like to get an IPhone for myself ;u; 

7 deviants said Blue one?… (same reason as Pink and plus it represent the cold night of the blue moon that was on my birthday)
2 deviants said Pink one?… (because it connects near to one of my fav colours)
1 deviant said So which colour should i get? (Don't click this one though, however i would just to see the poll results)
1 deviant said Or Green one?… (because it represents my birth month, plus birthstone which is emerald)
No deviants said Don't think about the prices, just thick about the colour, that's it, no other bits, not even the cleaness of them, just the colour (don't click one either)
No deviants said Comment also if you found some cool cases that i really wanted on eBay or somewhere else, if there's an Aboriginal case then i would love in an eternity Aboriginal Flag Stamp by Laughing-Jack (don't click it either)

dA Family

 photo dAfamily_zps9db75592.png

dA Family

Sisters: :icondonna-who:
:iconmrbluebutt: (Doggie sister <3)
Nana Wolf: :iconpony-mix:

Jeff vs. Zac

 photo Untitled7_zpsc933c8d2.png
No, i did not steal, this is a commission, this is to support all of her artwork that she had done ^^
Now watch her!!
Oh, and it belongs to UnknownSpy


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