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Chibi Blake x Tory  by KeyaraHedgehog09

Hello This is the first time (very first time) I have ever critique So here goes, I think it's good with effort for a master piece like...

Thank you for the Critique
and don't be shy to do this, just say something honestly, not something mean ^^


There's no chance of him living, he can't be able to eat or drink...we are going to put him down in order for him to live in peace.
Bud Bud is one of the greatest cats we have ever had so far and considered the best. After me and my mum's appointment, we are taking him to the vet to put him down and get him cremated...if he died "naturally"...then we'll have to bury him at the front yard without the kids looking. I'm expected of him to be alive one more time and then put him down and cremate him, then his ashes will be with us...
We first met him when me sister and her friend saw him on the streets; just being a normal cat. So they thought "Hey, why not give him sausages?" And so they did. After weeks of deciding to will keep him, they thought my sister will do since we took take of cats before. One or two years later? (Sorry, my memories suck) and he's here suffering this own pain...all from some "criminals" that used the chemicals in grasses (he loves that btw, and thought it would be good for the system) but I don't think he's the only one, if fact I think another ran off to die on his own...don't know though.
All I know is that; After the appointment, me and mum will take him in, I will see the pain of him being eased and I hope he doesn't die tonight, otherwise we won't cremate him (and we're thinking of moving because I don't want to go through this again, I'll tell you the reasons why in another time).

Until then, I will be on hiatus. I will only comment and such, or not depends if I will accept it...

My cat is in need of surgery in order to power through an infection that started in his mouth. One or some of you may know him but his name is Buddy, or Bud Bud, a lot of you would be confused and say "But it's a girl right?" Well we were wrong and the doctor told me mum that it's a boy, and a three year old one.

I actually made a Gofundme page for you to either donate, or spread the word (or both if you want, I usually do that all the time, but this time I couldn't be able to donate one time due to uh...other charities ^^;) <- Here it is if you want to see it, this is my first time doing it but it's for a family protect and care really.

So if you have the time; Donate some money or spread the word
Even $1 would make a difference, I know it will, I just know it!

thank you for your time reading this and I hope you have a lovely day

Got my Axent Wear Cat Headphones by Doggshort2
Got my Axent Wear Cat Headphones
I have got the ultimate headphone that I have been patiently waiting for (with my nagging mum asking me when I'll get them)
I tried them out and it's perfect, no flaws were there. When I saw the package, I immediately opened it, it was like an amazing dream 😭

Thank you yuumei and the others for making these possible, I shall cherish them forever more

From Doggshort2 at Australia 😋

Got it from city-nights

> legal name: Samantha
> acceptable names: Sam, Sammy or Samson
> preferred names: Samson
> d.o.b.: May 18th, 1996
> gender: female
> acceptable pronouns: uh...any???
> preferred pronouns:  same???
> sexual preference: Pansexual Genderfluid (One example is my sister calling me a dick, which I'm fine. I also like guy clothes now, but considered girl...also found out I can also be Panromantic ^^ just putting it out there
> relationship status: Single
> religious standing: don't know, never went to church a lot...only on funerals ^^;

> species: Native human (from Australia)
> race: Indigenous Australian (Aboriginal/Torre Strait Islander - Aboriginal) <- Don't use that, I only used it to tell you what I really am
> height: 5'8" (over the average height of an Aussie woman)
> weight: Uh...102kg?
> body build: curvy, a bit of fat on my below belly with chubby thighs
> complexion: bits of freckles on my arms
> scars/birthmarks: near my hipbone is where my birthmark is at and it's white instead of brown, my scars are; one between my eyebrow and my eye on the left side of my face due to me being curious and fell off the balcony (lucky saved, but I think I was saved by a plant?) when I was small, another when me and my sister bumped each other but she was strong so I had a cut on my top right forehead and the right side of my face, 3 scars from me mum's cat Smudgy (who ran away? Or taken?) because I was a dumb kid and played rough with him, that one's on my left arm (fading a bit), also another from my recent cat named Bugby (buddy, bud bud) on my right arm near my hand, also for playing her too rough, last one is on my right hand and at the bottom of my middle finger and I believe it's my nails that did 7 scars I have all my life. 
> hair color: dark brown hair with a bit of normal strips of brown hair on mine
> hair style: curly hair (though I want to cut my hair and make it like Jacksepticeye's hair with a cool rat-tail at the back ^u^)
> eye color: green with my left eye having the bottom part brown and the right part chipped on blue (might need to take a photo of it, but with high quality, otherwise you guys won't see it properly XD)
> glasses: yes, but don't use it around the house, just outside
> typical clothing: Boy clothes winter style (like denims/jeans with a sweatshirt or just a shirt in general)
> jewelry: not yet...but will be getting my ears pierced and will use horoscopic/Zodiac necklaces soon...once I get my hair cut that is ^^

> current residence: Australia
> occupation: student (next year)
> personality type: unique...just...unique
> personality: Nice, friendly, charitable (if a friend is in need of money), funny and loyal to friends. Shy, embarrassed and anxious to strangers/acquaintance. Funny, understandable and a bit annoying to my mum and sister and can easy ignore people that either hate me or bully me (because what's the point of being nasty when they get karma in the end 😈). And mainly matured (only at sometimes, because the topic can vary) sweet, kind and lovely...and a bit of a badass motherf*cker XD
> family: mum, dad (might be leaving him in either 3-6 months regardless, or earlier if being kept up), 2 half-brothers, 1 sister and 1 cat

> animes: Akame ga Kill, RWBY (don't care if it's classified as an anime or not, I still love it), Death Note and Attack on Titan
> youtubers: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and Pewdiepie
> music: anything, as long as that song has good rhythm and good beat
> animals: Foxes...just the Japanese folklore mate, it's just so beautiful ;w;
> sounds: the purring of my cat (and our neighbour's cats), Jack's swearing and screaming with a little dose of his shenanigans and his laughter, the sea, and the sound of my big sister getting mad at me
> smells: ice-cream, Pringles...the smell of my hair...and...the fresh rainy air that I had just now.

> Jacksepticeye fanarts
> the f*cking internet XD
> Japanese folklore
> Hi-tops
> Zen Okami colours
> my friends and family/tribe
> kimonos
> tea and coffee

A R T | I N F O
> commission info: after the last amount of commissions, I won't be doing them anymore since Uni will be coming and I don't want to get bombarded with stuff and go through that stuff I'm thinking of getting scholarships instead from uni, it's easier right?
> art trades: close friends only
> requests: no...too stressing to do
> gifts: close friends only

C O N T A C T | I N F O
> skype: doggshort2
> tumblr: doggshort2
> email: (if you're my friend or there for business; which means projects or other stuff other than commissions)
> twitch: none
> youtube: Doggshort2
> line: none
My adding
> vine: Dogghort2 (with other forms of stuff from time to time)
> Twitter: Doggshort2


Doggshort2 has started a donation pool!
828 / 3,000
For Point Commissions ^^
And donations to dAhub

please i want donate points by Th3EmOo

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